No one anticipates for emergencies such as plumbing emergencies. However, the fact that you do not anticipate for them does not stop them from occurring. Occasionally, you will find yourself in a position where you have to call a plumber to find solutions to your plumbing and gas fitting problems say in hot water tank services and other forms of plumbing needs. While it is true we cannot anticipate when plumbing emergencies will occur; you can take some precautionary measures to prevent them from happening regularly.
Why is it important to prevent plumbing emergencies?
Like any other type of urgency, you must seek to prevent plumbing emergencies because of the following reasons:

Cutting extra costs

Immediately you have a plumbing emergency; you will have no option that to call your nearest plumbing services with the hope that he will find solutions to your plumbing and gasfitting emergencies. This will also mean that you have to go deep into your pockets to pay up for the services that the plumber has to offer. However, by preventing the emergencies earlier, you will limit the number of times you have to make that uncomfortable call to the plumber.

Emergencies can be disastrous

Before the plumber arrives, the plumbing emergency you are having might have already caused much damage. For instance, if your gas pipe is leaking, if the plumber does not arrive at your home almost immediately, more loss and damage will occur. To counter this, it is important that you seek to prevent these plumbing emergencies from happening at whatever costs.

What are the preventive measures that you can take to prevent plumbing emergencies?
Below are some of the precautions that will help you avoid unnecessary plumbing emergencies.

Do not pour grease into the sink

Plumbers say that clogs at most homes happen in the kitchen sinks. Most people pour grease or fat run-offs into the sink without acknowledging that the grease or fats will harden at some point in the sinks drainage system making it grow thinner and eventually cause clogging. The best thing to do is to dispose of your grease or cooking fat in the garbage.

Do not hang anything around pipes

“In most homes, this happens in the basement.” says Lisa Willis of Kelowna Plumbing Service.  “People tend to hang clothes from exposed plumbing works such as the tubes. The essential function of pipes does not involve hanging of clothes however light weight they are. If anything, when you hang clothes especially wet ones on the tubes, they cause the pipes to strain and may eventually burst. To prevent this, stick to hanging your clothes on your hanging lines.”

Use stainless washer hoses

Some washing machines are fitted with black rubber hoses. These are subject to bursting leading to water flooding your laundry area. To counter this problem, provide your washing machine with stainless washer hoses.
Other ways through which you can prevent plumbing emergencies include proper disposal of wastes and avoid using drop-in bowl cleaner amongst others.

Finding Solutions plumbing and gasfitting problems during emergencies can be quite costly. However, by using the above tips on how to prevent the plumbing emergencies, you are likely to minimize your chances of incurring extra costs.


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