Damn Woman Southpark
Howdy Ho!   Southpark
Bartrap   Rappin’ Bart
Bartman   Do the Bartman
Batman Animated Series Theme Batman, The Animated Series
Casper Theme Casper, The Friendly Ghost
Banana Splits Theme Banana Splits (thanks Henry)
OK, so its not totally animated…
Simpsons Theme Simpsons
trampoline Simpsons
Pull a party of your ass… Family Guy
I’m outta here! Simpsons
Great merciful crap! Simpsons
I am funny! Simpsons
Elmer Fudd: Fire Elmer Fudd
Schroeder’s Theme Peanuts
Wondertwin powers deactivate! Superfriends
Wondertwin powers activate! Superfriends
Wakko’s USA Animaniacs
Planets Animaniacs
Monkey Animaniacs
Macarena Animaniacs
Christmas Songs Animaniacs
animan46 Animaniacs
I Love Ya Baby! Cartoon Planet
We All Need Some Lovin’ Cartoon Planet
Don’t Touch Me! Cartoon Planet
I Like Beans Cartoon Planet
Smells Like Cartoon Planet Cartoon Planet
Arch Enemy The Tick
Blood The Tick
Lumps The Tick
Monkey Bomb The Tick
Achilles The Tick
Reality Superchicken
Smoke Dilbert
Tech Mumbo Dilbert
8 am Dilbert
Midget Gin Family Guy
Jetmail The Jetsons
Keep Lookin’ King of the Hill
Guns & Government King of the Hill
hellis King of the Hill
KOTH Theme King of the Hill
omigod King of the Hill
internet King of the Hill
Hey Rocky! Rocky and Bullwinkle
Hey Rocky 2 Rocky and Bullwinkle
Moose & Squirrel Rocky and Bullwinkle
Hear That? Rocky and Bullwinkle
Tazmania Theme Tazmania
Uh-Uh Scooby Doo
Zoinks! Scooby Doo
Scooby Theme Scooby Doo
Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Scooby Doo
Dexter’s Lab Theme Dexter’s Lab
hello nurse Animaniacs
don’t know Bullwinkle
all day Chicken Hawk
Mail! Blue’s Clues Mail Song
big Daffy Duck
despicable Daffy Duck
Adios Foghorn Leghorn
now look here Foghorn Leghorn
pepelook Pepe La’Pew
Scooby laugh Scooby Doo
liar liar Space Ghost
tweetyh Tweety Bird
yabbadabbadoo Fred Flintsone
boo boo Yogi Bear
5150 Wake Up Montage… cool
agrouch Yosemite Sam
aint Daffy Duck
bubblegum Bugs Bunny
Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck theme
Dragonball Z Dragonball Z theme
Pink Panther Pink Panther theme
Rocko’s Modern Life Rocko’s Modern Life theme
critic04 The Critic
critic06 The Critic
criticfox The Critic
Southpark Theme Southpark
SP Mortal Kombat Southpark/Mortal Kombat Techno Mix
Cornholio Beavis and Butthead
Touch Weiner Beavis and Butthead
10pmwein Beavis and Butthead
peekaboo Beavis and Butthead
Got U Babe Beavis, Butthead & Cher
biker Duckman
duckman Duckman
hawa Duckman
inbed Duckman
jumpbones Duckman
rush Duckman
21dohs Simpsons
911 Simpsons
blomer Simpsons
earth2stupid Simpsons
scream Simpsons
woohoo Simpsons
allwrong Yosemite Sam
toads Yosemite Sam
Only Me Johnny Bravo
frisk Johnny Bravo
hv2potty Animaniacs