Two guys drink in this bar every night. They stay in the corner on their own. No one else will talk to them as one has a big hump on his back and the other has a wooden leg. The guy with the hump on his back leaves early one night and takes a short cut through the graveyard.

Half way through his journey a ghost jumps out from behind a headstone and yells,

“What do you have on your back?”

“A hump.” the startled man replies.

“Gimme it” says the ghost and grabs the hump off the man’s back and flies off into the night.

The guy, now standing bolt upright for the first time in 30 odd years, heads back to the bar. He then proceeds to join all the other regulars for drinks.

After a while he goes over to his old mate with the wooden leg, who by now is sitting with his mouth wide open in amazement.

“Where the heck is your hump?” he asks.

The now hump-less guy tells him his tale of good fortune about taking the short cut through the graveyard.

With that, the wooden leg guy hops up as fast as he can and hops at full speed to the graveyard where he is met by the same ghost.

“What do you have on your back?” yells the ghost.

“Nothing” said hoppy.

“Well here’s a hump for you” said the ghost placing it nicely on hoppy’s back before flying off into the night.