Heating Installation

Whenever things start to get a bit cold, we may think about having an efficient heating unit installed in our homes. However, not a lot of people actually follow through on these plans. If you have an existing system, then you may be worried about the cost of upgrading. If your home does not currently have to heat, then you may think that having it installed will be too much regarding effort and money. However, it may actually be more affordable than you would imagine.

If you already have a fixed heating system in your home then can be made of all the existing ducts. This will reduce the costs, and you may be looking at anywhere between $3500 to $4000 depending on the size of your home. The whole project should take no more than three days.

Installing a whole new system will take twice this long, and it will also cost twice as much money. A good installation team can place ducts in discrete locations so that they do not look out of place. The project may not create as much mess in your home while the installation is taking place as you might imagine.

Selecting And Sizing A Unit

If you decide to go ahead with installation, then the first decision that you will have to make will be about which unit to choose. This is a decision that needs to be made carefully because once the unit has been installed, it will be quite expensive to replace.

Fortunately, there is a calculation that contractors can carry out which will let you know that size unit you need. There are many factors that can determine which size unit you need and this calculation will take them all into account. This includes things such as how much insulation you have in your home and which direction your home is facing in correlation to the sun. The calculation that the contractor does can also be quite useful for working out whether you would benefit from extra insulation.

When this calculation has been carried out, then the contractor will make their recommendation. Getting a unit of the right size is very important. If you do not have a unit that is big enough then not will it not be enough to cool a room down completely, you will have to leave it running for longer before you start to notice a difference. A unit that is too big will not reduce the humidity in the room enough because the system will shut down before it has a chance to do this. This means that the room will feel clammy rather than cool.

Every unit will have a seasonal energy efficiency rating or SEER. A higher SEER will mean that the unit is more efficient. Federal law states that the SEER of any new heating unit should be at least 13. You should expect to pay more for a unit with a higher SEER, but there will be benefits such as lower operating costs. These units will be of a higher quality with better sound shields. They are also much safer and use a lower voltage.

Express Plumbing and Heating explicitly said that you will usually have the choice between two different types of unit – a package system or a split system. Package systems are quite rare, but they may still be an option. A package system has all the components of the system within one unit. It is usually mounted on the wall and ducts will need to be installed. Check out some cool furnaces on their Twitter.

If you have a split system, then the condenser will be located on the outside of your property. Pipes will run inside the house and connect to the fan and coil system which can be placed in the attic. The cool air will then be dispersed through the house via the ducts.

Another thing to consider when you are thinking about where to place the heating unit is that they will make quite a bit of noise. Even if it is outside, there is a good chance that you will hear the unit if it is located near a window.

If you already have ducts, then they will need to be inspected to make sure that they are suitable for the heating system that is to be installed. Older ducts tend to be best because they are larger and the air can flow through them better. Some modifications that may need to be made include sealing the ducts so that efficiency increases or upsizing the furnace blower.

If you do not have ducts in the house already, then you will need to have them installed. This is something that the contractor will be able to carry out for you, but they will need plans of your home. This will enable them to plan the best way to get the air from the fan and coil system in the attic to the other rooms in your home.

A good option for getting the duct from the attic to the first floor is to go through the back of closets. The main advantage of this is that is keeps everything concealed so that your home does not look untidy. The ducts take up less space than you might think and therefore you do not have to worry about losing a lot of storage space. You may be offered the choice of a flexible duct of space is a concern but these are not a great choice because they can become worn very easily, and if they get a hole in then they will stop working.

One of the main concerns that people have about having ducts installed in their home is the mess that will be left behind. People sometimes have the idea that a lot of mess will be made because major alterations have to be made to your ceilings, but this is not the case. In most cases, only small holes will need to be created, and this process will not create any mess that can not easily be dealt with.

If you had thought about having heating installed in your home before but never made any serious inquiries, then it might be time to give it some extra thought. It may not cost as much as you would expect and it can make a real difference to the comfort levels in your home in the summer months.