The best type of an air conditioner runs effectively without breaking down regularly, and it operates quietly. However, it is very important to understand the system of an air conditioner because you will need the knowledge in the case of a repair or maintenance procedure in your air conditioner.

Parts of an A/C system

To help you understand how air is cooled down, it is easier understanding the parts of an A/C system. The unit is made up of two part system which is also known as a split system.

The split system entails of:
• An evaporator coil which is installed on top of a gas furnace in a home
• The outdoor unit which comprises of the condenser coil, compressor, fan and electrical compressors
• Refrigeration lines which circulate an indoor and outdoor unit
• A thermostat whose main function is to set the required temperature

• Ducts which acts as air channels in your home

• Refrigerant, a fluid which circulates inside the refrigeration lines in indoor and outdoor units

Refrigeration cycle

The refrigerant can flow through a closed system which has refrigeration lines between indoor and outdoor units using electricity. A motorized fan is used to suck warm air which is found inside your home using ducts. After that, the refrigerant is then pumped from the exterior compressor coil into the interior evaporator coil where it absorbs heat found in the air. After the air is cooled, it is pushed through the connecting ducts to different vents in a home to lower the temperature. This refrigeration cycle is repeated regularly to lower the interior temperature successfully.

Benefits of a central A/C system

Here are the reasons why AC experts, Canada Furnace, reccomend central AC systems over anything else:

It has quieter operations since the compressor bearing unit is inside a home and hence operational noise is reduced making it quieter

Has cleaner air- the air pulled from different rooms in your home is filtered to remove airborne particles which could cause diseases. In other instances, sophisticated filters may remove microscopic particles making the air very clean to breathe.

Provided warmth during cold season – A central air conditioning system keeps your home cool and maintains required humidity levels.

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