How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioners Energy Bill

When it is summertime, life is relatively comfortable. However, life in the summer can get inconveniently hot and sweaty.

When the weather is hot, your energy bills are likely to rise like the summer temperature. This is because your air conditioner works super hard at this time to keep you cool and comfortable. Now, you do not have to worry about soaring temperatures and rising energy bills. Below are some simple and practical tips to keep your air conditioning bill within safe limits in the summer. Apply these tips, and you will enjoy a cool atmosphere in your homes without worrying unduly about the cost of cooling your home.

1. Turn off at night, and save while you sleep

This is a sensible money-saving tip. It gets hot in the day so you should keep your air conditioner on to cool your home. At night, the temperature drops so you can simply open a window or two and enjoy the natural cool air without air conditioning.

In fact, it gets cool in the evening so you may not have to wait for nighttime before you open your windows. Turn off the air conditioning system at sunset and go natural. Open your windows, and you will get all the cool air you need.

In any case, you do not need your air conditioner working all through the night. Turn off the AC, and you will enjoy sweet dreams and lower energy bills.

2. Thermostats and timers – set and save

If you are keen on cutting down on energy consumption and reducing your air conditioning bills in the summer, every degree counts.

To get the best out of your air conditioner without spending too much money, you need to understand the numbers. In the heat of summer, you should aim for between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius.

When you set your thermostat at this range, you are simply sitting pretty. This is because you get to enjoy all the benefit of a cool home without spending too much on energy bills. Another smart move is to set your thermostat less than 8 degrees below the outdoor temperature.

For example, if it is 30 degrees Celsius outside, you should aim for 22 to 23 Celsius degrees inside. Note that there is no reason to aim for the coldest temperature you can get because this may not be necessary. You want to enjoy a cool temperature in your home without breaking the bank. Watch every degree, and you will save plenty of money in the summer months.

If you are keen on reducing your energy bill, you should go for a thermostat with a built-in timer. This saves you hassle of setting the timer manually. You just set the hours of operation you need and let the air conditioning system do its work. This saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

3. Get shady and shut out the sun

If you want your home to stay cool, the keyword is shade. The point here is that you cannot turn down the sun but you can simply add some more shade, and you effectively turn down the heat. Again, when you add shade, your air conditioner will not work too hard, and you will save money.

One way to make shade work for you is to keep your curtains and blinds drawn and closed. It does not matter if you are using plantation shutters, roller blinds, Venetian blinds or lined curtains. Just keep these curtains closed and keep the sun out of your home. If your windows are facing the sun, you can use light-colored backings in addition to the curtains. This will keep the sun out and deflect the heat too.

This move aims to ensure that your air conditioner cools your home without working too hard. If your windows offer a strong defensive line, you will keep the sun out and reduce the heat. This protects your air conditioning unit and reduces your energy bills.

Another variation of this smart move is to bring Mother Nature into the picture. Plant trees, flowers, and vines around your home. This gives you natural protection, and an added advantage is that plants and trees around the home purify the air.

4. Turn off those heat-emitting culprits

Some electronic devices in your home are simply heat-emitting culprits. Some of these devices are the computer, the printer, your oven, the television and even the reading lamp. These may be household essentials, but they generate plenty of heat. Turn them off when you are not using them, and you will save money.

Turn off the lights if you are not using them and do not leave electronic devices in the sleep mode. Turn off and save money.

Do not just turn off or switch off electronic devices. You can go one step further and unplug them. Unplug the television, the smartphone, and the laptop.

Your indoor electric stove can heat up the home and make your energy bills head north. Cook the family dinner outdoors sometimes and enjoy the BBQ alternative.

The advantages here include fun, exotic taste, and energy savings. Also, it keeps your home cool.

5. Keeping it clean to keep costs down

Your air conditioner is going to work hard all summer. Do the right thing and carry out regular maintenance. Replace the filter and other vital components, and the AC will perform better.

Treat your air conditioner well, and it will serve you faithfully. Try out the tips above, and you will enjoy a cool and cost-effective summer.

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Four Tips To Make Sure You Hire The Right Furnace Repair Company

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning. Many homeowners take these vital systems for granted, but they require regular maintenance to remain in perfect working order. In fact, poor maintenance is the number one cause of HVAC issues according to industry experts. Your average furnace repair is relatively expensive, so it makes economic sense to avoid them whenever possible.

A furnace repair is also the last thing you want to need in the middle of winter. Cold air can make enjoying your home virtually impossible, especially if a draft can get into your home. Brr! If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of needing a professional HVAC repair ASAP, it pays to select the right furnace repair company the first time.

Follow the four tips below to ensure that you hire a furnace repair company that will fix your problem correctly and efficiently. You’ll be feeling comfortable in your own home again in no time!

1. Hire A Reputable Furnace Repair Company

Saving money may be a virtue, but there are some areas where you should not skimp. HVAC repair is definitely among them, as inexperienced maintenance can result in a shorter lifespan for your HVAC unit or even require a more costly repair down the line. The best way to ensure a quality result is to choose a trusted contractor with strong online reviews to solve your problem on the first attempt.

2. Get A Guarantee

This is somewhat related to the first point, but it is imperative to choose a contractor that stands by the labor they performed and the materials they used. It isn’t enough for a company to advertise quality service, as everybody claims that. Instead, you need to read the fine print of your contract to ensure that you are protected in case something goes awry.

Guarantees aren’t free, so you should be prepared to spend more time searching for a qualified furnace repair company and maybe even pay a little extra to get the protection you need. Still, the increased peace of mind is more than worth it.

An example of the type of furnace repair company you should be looking for is Reliance The Furnace Company. They offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and a complimentary one-year warranty on every part they install, allowing you to trust that they do a quality job every single time.

3. Training, Certification, and Experience

HVAC systems are extremely complex, so you should never trust anyone to work on yours unless they can prove that they have the training and certification to do it safely. Licensed contractors, like those at Reliance Edmonton, are also better at meeting deadlines, and within your defined budget, so there’s really no reason to compromise on this front.

Likewise, experience is an important consideration when choosing a furnace repair company. You might think that every company in the industry brings a lot of experience to the table, but this is not actually the case. Most companies list the manufacturers and equipment that they are most comfortable working with directly on their websites, so it is easy to determine who is the best choice for your needs. If nothing is listed, be sure to ask about their level of expertise (both general and specific) before hiring them to do anything.

4. Get A Home Evaluation

All HVAC systems are unique to the homes they heat and cool, so any good furnace repair company will want to visit your home to get a feel for the quirks of your system. This allows them to locate potential problems, see your system in action, and give you a realistic idea of how in-depth the needed repairs will be.

In short, do your research and open your wallet for a trustworthy contractor capable of handling the task at hand. The guidelines above lay out the most important things to look for. If you follow them, you can count on a comfortable home regardless of what kinds of temperatures Mother Nature might have in store.

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How to choose a HVAC contractor

When you need heating, ventilation, and an air conditioning system either installed, repaired, maintained or replaced in your home, you should hire an HVAC contractor. The contractor should be highly experienced, skilled, licensed, insured and with the right certificates which comply with his professional field. Having such kind of a Contractor makes it easy for you’re to work with him while you are still getting quality services worth of the money you are paying.

This article will help you choose the best HVAC contractor to work in your home or your office.

a) Ask for referrals from friends and family

When you talk to your friends or family members who had an AC repair, maintenance or replacement before, you should ask for their comments and reviews of the contractor you want to hire. Since they have had their experience, they can be very helpful in explaining how competent the contractor as well as the kind of services he offers. Additionally, you can still visit certain websites online which has comments, reviews, and ratings of local AC contractors to see the most suitable contractor for the job. Positive reviews, high rating, and good comments show that previous clients were contented with the kind of services they got and most likely you will be satisfied too with what you will get.

b) Check whether your contractor has licenses and certificates required in your local area

Having the right documents displays a high level of professionalism making the contractor legitimate and reliable. If you are not sure of the documents to ask for, you can contact a government official or even a government representative in your area to know what to ask for. Also, you should check the validity of the documents these contractors possess to make sure that they are legitimate.

c) Ask for the current licenses and certifications from your HVAC contractor

Your contractor should have worker’s compensation insurance to make sure that in case he gets injured in your home, you won’t have to pay for his hospital bills. It is, therefore, important to ask for their current licenses and certificates.

d) Choose an insured HVAC contractor

“You can protect your home from damages if your contractor is insured.” Cedric Johnson of Heat Pump Victoria BC. “You are not supposed to take chances when hiring a contractor because it may turn out to be an expensive endeavor if he or she is not insured.”

Therefore, you should check with a consumer affair organization in your locality to see that your contractor has a decent rating and a low volume of customer complaints before hiring their services. For example, a ductwork repair company failed to join a consumer affair organization which led to their company going bankrupt after a number of complaints.

e) Ask the HVAC contractor to give you references of past clients

If you can access the internet, you should check customer testimonials among other types of feedback from previous clients to understand the kind of services the contractor give.

f) Choose a contractor who inspects the system before giving an estimate

A good contractor should look for air leaks, measure the air flow of the unit and inspect the AC unit to make sure that the components meet the guidelines as well as the specifications of the manufacturer. He or she should not give a price quote first without examining the problem and discussing with the owner the possible solutions available.

g) Get at least three biddings from different contractors a Las Vegas air conditioning repair and installation company advised us to do the following: “Getting different bids from different contractors enables you to have a rough idea of the price you are supposed to be charged for the service. Also, the bids might help you consider the most energy efficient plan and the length of warranties offered. Simply, a variety of deals helps one to have the best deal after considering all the available options.”

h) Verify if the contractor will offer you with a written deal or in the form of a contract

Having a written agreement can be helpful if you are having disagreements or the contractor did not complete the work he or she was paid to do. In writing, some of the important details you should include are:
• The dates on which installation, repair, maintenance or replacement will be done
• The cost of all fees included
• Labor to be provided
• Equipment to be used
• Potential future fees which the AC unit might need e.g. upgrades
• Due dates of payments

Following the above tips will make you choose the best HVAC contractor who will help you with any kid of service you need. You should “not do it hurriedly since you may end up choosing the wrong contractor for the job.” says Las Vegas Air Conditioning worker, James Pruitt of Goettl.